Artists & Vendors

Summer Arts Jam 2021

Accepting Artist Applications

Download and complete the application to be mailed to us.
OR Apply via (optional)
2021 Food Vendor Application

Mother's Day Festival 2021

Please fill out the application at the link below and mail it in if you wish to participate at our Mother's Day Festival.

2021 Artist Rules, Regulations & Application
OR Apply via (optional)

Zapplication is a FREE service for artists. Many of the local festivals require that artists utilize Zapplication.

New to Zapp?

  • If you want to enter the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and you are not a member of Zapp you need to join Zapp (free for artists).
  • Zapp has instructions which are easy to follow and will guide you through the entire process.
  • You will need to upload to Zapp a few photos of your artwork and a photo of your booth.   These photos will remain on Zapp and you can use them to enter other art shows in our area and across the nation if you choose.
  • You will then need to access the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and submit your Zapp application, Zapp photos and pay the jury fee via Zapp.
  • You will be notified post jurying if your work is accepted into the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and you will pay booth fees at that time.
  • You will now have photos and information about yourself in Zapp making you eligible to apply for all of the art shows listed within Zapp.
  • If you have any questions or problems about the Zapp process, please contact us.
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