Patti Pontikis

Patti Pontikis

After a long career as a clinical psychologist, I retired in 2000 and moved with my husband to our beautiful home on Camano Island, Washington.

My retirement allowed me to fulfill my interest in creating and designing jewelry. I began developing my skill as a jewelry designer and glass artist when I took my first graduate class over 30 years ago at Cal State Long Beach.

My instructor was Alvin Pine, a nationally known jewelry designer. I have continued taking classes with instructors who specialize in working with dichroic glass.

My beads and pendants are done by using a process called  "lamp working". A bead is formed by holding glass rods over an open torch flame of intense heat then adding dichroic glass layers of luxuriant color and with special tools shaping each bead to the desired form. My beads are one of a kind and I incorporate them into art pieces using silver, pearls, crystals and stones.

My goal is to express myself through unique jewelry and fused glass pieces to create beautiful affordable art that can be enjoyed by all.

phone: 360-387-5267 (home) 425-3303327 (cell) • emailwebsite

Patti Pontikas
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